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What people are saying about this book:


The most relevant business start up and ownership book I have seen. In a few pages it reminds the reader of essential points and provides links to best practice. An excellent work. One to read before you start and to keep on the shelf for future reference.


Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers: Kogan Page 

Business and Financial Models: Kogan Page 

"It is one of THE most comprehensive 'how to' and 'go to' start up business books I have ever read. Not just start up in fact, many small business owners will find information in there that will undoubtedly be useful in growing their businesses.

Owning a Business' has a considerable amount of up-to-date information crammed into this deceptively slim volume, for example: information about crowd funding which the reader might not have considered.   

In summary: there is nothing left out, a very valuable purchase and must read. Buy it and TAKE ACTION!


Owner of Powerful People Performance


“Essential reading for anyone who wants to start their own business.” 

CHARLOTTE ELFDAHL, Founder of Rockville Lampshades 

Winner of ‘Tomorrow’s Business Builders Award 2013’ 

This was an excellent read with good clear advice for a business owner setting up and establishing a business. In addition, the information given is so comprehensive that it could also form part of a Bank Manager’s toolkit when dealing with commercial customers. 

NIGEL BISHOP, Senior Business Consultant 


Succinct points and clear advice in a neat package. If you are setting up your business this book tells you clearly the issues you face and how to start dealing with them. Reading this business book in my second year of trading, it was very interesting to realise just how important it is to get the fundamentals right from the beginning. Great advice succinctly put, this guide sets out a clear framework, checklist and where to go next. It is useful for setting up any kind of business. 

CATH TAJIMA-POWELL, Arts & Heritage Project Manager 


A very useful guide with lots of useful links to assist with research. I especially like the checklist at the back as there are so many things to consider when you are starting up a business that it’s easy to miss key components. 

KAYE CRITTELL, NEA Project Manager 

Let’s Do Business Group 





  • Access to detailed information about starting and managing a small business;
  • A clear, concise guide to researching practical business matters;
  • Essential reading that refers to more than 70 online links to business practice;
  • Achieving success: a checklist of key small business components;
  • Compact and straightforward overview of important business processes;
  • How to define and promote a small business to prospective customers and clients;
  • Provision of a brief, structured and innovative approach to identifying information and advice about starting and managing a small business.
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